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02008-05-30 @ 18:05

One of my email accounts was messed up when we switched servers a while back… and I did not notice until now.

If you sent me email in the past month(s?)… it’s probably, well, not probably but definitely gone, vaporized… If you expected to hear back from me, but did not, that is the reason. If the journalists I spoke to at the Blue Note on May 21st and 22nd read this – please contact me again as I have no way to reach you. You can use this form to contact me, or you can simply try that email address I gave you again – it works properly now…

Friday Morning Walk in Montreal

02008-05-30 @ 11:05

Arrow Down
There is Hope

Collapsible Stadium

02008-05-30 @ 11:05

Inhabitat: The Collapsible, Flatpacked Olympic Stadium
The concept is part of a new approach to the Olympic Games. Rather than building everything new every four years, the “prefab” stadium idea allows facilities to be built in one city, moved as efficiently as possible and be adapted to existing arenas in the new host city. In the case of London, this particular stadium was specifically designed by HOK Sport to be disassembled and sold on, preventing wasteful obsolescence. The London Olympic Stadium is effectively designed as a 25,000 seat concrete bowl that has an additional 55,000 seats placed on top of it in a temporary structure. It is this entire upper structure which can be moved and installed somewhere else.

Currently, talks are underway with Chicago, but London organizers hope that their offer is taken up by whoever wins the games. If the plan goes forward, this would be the largest amount of seats ever moved from one place to the next, and the first time in history that a stadium of this size has been moved.

Laughing Nuisance

02008-05-30 @ 11:05

When the guitar
Can forgive the past,
It starts singing.

When the guitar can stop worrying
About the future,
You will become
Such a drunk laughing nuisance
That God
Will lean down
And start combing you into his hair.

When the guitar can forgive
Every wound caused by
The heart starts singing.

– Hafiz

Well, I will admit that Hafiz wrote violin instead of guitar.
Thanks Y.


02008-05-30 @ 11:05

Pas de graffitis, Merci!
Friday in Montreal


02008-05-30 @ 11:05

Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.
~ Theodore Isaac Rubin
Weekly Words of Wisdom

Drawing out time’s layers

02008-05-30 @ 11:05

The Long Now Blog » Drawing out time’s layers
Here’s an amazing video by Italian street artist Blu: Muto, “An ambiguous animation painted on public walls”, painstakingly produced in Baden (02007) and Buenos Aires (02008), and full of astonishing transformations and lovely interplays between 2D drawn space and 3D, physical elements…

Thursday in Montreal

02008-05-29 @ 14:05

And the Mist Rises

Tuesday in Milan

02008-05-27 @ 21:05

String Quartet In Blue
Drinks at Bond, dinner at Officina 12 on the Canal. Same as in 2005 and just as good. A beautiful ending to my stay in Milan. Ciao…
Crossing Over

Monday in Milan

02008-05-26 @ 03:05

We are all connected
The Connected House… Above photo was taken yesterday en route to lunch.

This morning I went to a nearby park, which looked timeless…
Timeless Park
And then moved to a different hotel in the center of Milan. A familiar room in my favorite hotel.

Milan on Sunday

02008-05-25 @ 00:05

(…and then there is Milan in September, a piece we recorded in 1993 for the album “The Hours between Night + Day”, but not included on the CD)

Last night’s performance at the Blue Note was ideal. A quiet and attentive audience that applauded enthusiastically and thereby encouraged further explorations, which I was happy to embark on. I am grateful to all of you.

This ad drew in tourists from Houston, who were in Milan for one day only. A German listener also saw the ad and came to the club. As in the days before, some people had traveled from Rome and other cities in Italy to hear me play – ah, when do I get to perform in Rome!! And on Friday I met three fans who came all the way from Romania for the show. My sincere thanks to all that came to hear me play at the Blue Note.

Y. sent me this part of a poem by Hafiz:

…When Hafiz plays his lute,
My notes ascend into the air and form
Infinite blue crystals
That will move on the wind’s breath for hundreds of years
As my sacred debris, as the divine dust
Rising as a gift from my
Singing bones.


Music rising as a gift from my singing bones! That’s what it feels like. I don’t use a set list for my solo performances and improvise a lot. I make up new melodies, discover new sections, play new medleys and try to simply follow the whims of inspiration. Every performance is quite different and is as much a discovery for me as it, hopefully, is for the audience.

I’ll be back at the Blue Note in Milan and there is also talk of bringing the band to Italy for a tour next year.


02008-05-24 @ 01:05

G-STAR RAW & Cannondale Present RAW CANNONDALE

Mission Bicycle

PUMA Glow Rider

Maybe these new bikes could eventually replace men’s desire for fast cars. Fast bikes instead of fast cars. Cheaper, healthier, better.

And then there is this amazing and inspiring story!


02008-05-23 @ 04:05

What is this?”
“Did you write it yourself?”
“I did, on board ship.”
“Can you play it?”
“I can.”
“Play it, then.”
On the piano in the ship’s saloon, I played the main theme of the Violin Sonata on its own, without accompaniment. It was not appreciated.
“Can you play Chopin?”
“What would you like me to play?”
“The Funeral March.”
I played four bars. The official evidently enjoyed it.
“Very good,” he said, with feeling.
“Did you know for whose death it was composed?”
“His dog’s.”

(Via Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise)

That might be my next book. Am almost finished with “The Rest is Noise“, which I thoroughly enjoyed!!


02008-05-23 @ 04:05

At any point in history, we are all like the crew of a spaceship at countdown. In times like our own, the countdown seems even more clearly audible. We are taking off for an unimaginable future. Everything is changing. Common sense had been steering the universe from change to change for vast stretches of time, before we humans ever arrived. We cannot stop change. But we can cultivate common sense so that the changes for which we and our society are responsible will be in tune with the creative force of the universe – call it the Tao, the Logos, or Dants’s “Love that moves the sun and all the stars.
Brother David Steindl-Rast

From the Upaya newsletter

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Up Close CD

02008-05-23 @ 04:05

I noticed that (Germany) carries our “Up Close” CD. Almost 24 Euros for the CD is a hefty price though… that’s US $37.

Well, you can always download the album for US $8 (high quality 320kbps non-DRM mp3 files) or order the CD from our web store.

Monte Carlo Nights

02008-05-23 @ 03:05 : Monte Carlo Nights
Last night at the Blue Note I did an interview with Nick, the Nightfly between my sets. We met for the first time in 1994, I believe. He mentioned that next year his program will be twenty years old and I answered that I recorded “Nouveau Flamenco” twenty years ago next year… Time is like climbing a mountain. We take one little breathless step at a time, but at intervals we look back and are amazed at the view back down the valley… Twenty years – almost half of my life. A long time or not time at all… :)

The first set was recorded for broadcast.

I wish I’d speak Italian.


02008-05-23 @ 02:05

May Touring Schedule
The German dates of this current solo-tour are being reschuled for the Fall and will be part of a larger European solo-tour. More information later. The dates are not being cancelled, just rescheduled. I will travel from Italy to Canada for the concert in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, on June 1st.


02008-05-23 @ 01:05

I am surprised at how much graffiti I am seeing in Milan. Actually it is not graffiti, just tagging and artless tagging at that, and it is EVERYWHERE.

Water boils much hotter at sealevel. In Santa Fe I am used to drinking tea right away, but here that is a bad idea.


02008-05-22 @ 17:05

More rain in Milan today, but it has been much worse in other parts of Italy.

Fixated on the fixie

02008-05-22 @ 16:05

Click opera – Fixated on the fixie
Put most simply: while you’re on your bike you’re not on your computer. But, by the same token, there is a connection between these new bikes and computers, just as there is between today’s art and computers. It’s the connection of negation, of complementarity, of something being made necessary by something else.

Momus writes about Fixies. It includes this funny passage:

The fixie trend is also a distinction strategy. It’s a way for hipsters to say “I’m not just another suburban bozo with a car”. But it’s also a way for the West to say to China: “Okay, you all have cars now. Well, we’re onto something else: bicycles.” Which is ironic, since the West used to laugh at China for wobbling around, in its billions, on bicycles.

Alan has been riding his fixie.

Meanwhile David Byrne fell off his bike.


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