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Monday in Santa Cruz

02008-06-30 @ 15:06

Not feeling well today. Caught some kind of bug, I think.
Blue in a Sea of Staples

At noon Stevo and I appeared at KUSP, the local radio station. Played four songs live, and spoke with the nice host, who also gave away a “The Scent of Light” CD.
Covered Parking Meter
Sold Out

Apples + Ideas

02008-06-30 @ 12:06

George Bernard Shaw Quote
If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.

Or – If you have a CD and I have a CD and we exchange these CDs then you and I will still each have one CD. But if you have an mp3 and I have an mp3 and we exchange these mp3s, then each of us will have two mp3s.

And therein lies the problem nobody has figured out yet.

Court fines eBay over fake goods

02008-06-30 @ 12:06

BBC NEWS | Business | Court fines eBay over fake goods
A French court has ordered eBay to pay 40m euros (£31.6m; $63m) to luxury goods group LVMH for allowing online auctions of fake copies of its goods.


The BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris says the ruling is seen as a landmark, because it could oblige eBay to rethink its business model.

Personally, I think that’s great news. Ebay has been a source for stolen/pirated music for years.

Symphony of Millions

02008-06-29 @ 23:06

A Critic Abroad: Symphony of Millions: A Critic at Large: The New Yorker
I walked for another hour in the temple park, thrilled to have had an aural glimpse of what I took to be the true music of China. A little later, I heard a wistful melody coming from an unseen bamboo flute, and went in search of its source, hoping for another revelation. After making my way through a maze of pine trees, I found a man of great age and haunted visage, playing the theme from “The Godfather.”

The Dutch Bicycle Company

02008-06-29 @ 16:06

The Dutch Bicycle Company : Mechanic Series : The 108

Very cool bike. Modern update of a classic look.
And then there is this model for your next bicycle-party.

Email from Romania

02008-06-29 @ 16:06

I’m 22 years old and I’m from Romania. I admire your work and have been listening to your music for over 7 years.

I’ve never bought your music, I downloaded your albums from torrents, peer-to-peer, direct-connect or rapidshare.

My promise is that I’ll begin buying your records with the first paycheck or money I’ll make on my own. It’s probably no comfort for you to know but I feel awkward about enjoying your music and not expressing my gratitude in some way and yearn to relief myself from this feeling.

Nice letter. Thank you.

Crab Cake On Back Order

02008-06-29 @ 16:06

Your Crab Cake May Be Permanently On Back Order : TreeHugger
Maryland and Virginia’s U.S. senators say there’s no time to waste in declaring the decline of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs a federal disaster…In a letter to federal authorities, the senators argue for a declaration that would provide about $20 million in federal aid to watermen and seafood processors hurt by the crab’s decline…The letter was sent yesterday to Department of Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. Sens. Barbara A. Mikulski and Benjamin L. Cardin of Maryland and John W. Warner and Jim Webb of Virginia point out that blue crab stocks in the estuary are down about 70 percent from 1990.

Stocks down by 70% since 1990? Seems like irresponsible resource management to me. Hm, anybody remember this movie?

Friday in Phoenix

02008-06-28 @ 17:06

Stevo and I arrive at the Phoenix studio of Channel 3 at 0730. Told him how interesting it is not to drink any coffee when going to an early morning TV show. Most people were buzzing with energy, while we just sat there. He agreed that it was interesting. Like being in a different time zone, where the air is thicker and movement slower compared to everyone around.

We did cheer the news meteorologist, because that’s a hard job in Arizona or California… we were reminded of the scene in “LA Story”, where the Steve Martin weatherman character pre-records a few days of announcing 70 degrees and perfect weather, only to have a storm hit during that time…

Stevo and I performed four pieces, two of which were short bumpers, La Luna and Streetlight, a main piece – an abbreviated Three Days Without You – and Snakecharmer for the credits/ending.

Afterwards Stevo and the rest left on the bus, while I sat in front of the TV studio waiting on a friend – like last year. He took me to a nice little cafe for a little breakfast and coffee.

Noon – Celebrity Theatre. Tonight’s performance will be in the round, meaning that the stage will rotate. Haven’t experienced that since we performed here with Basha in 1990. During soundcheck the stage began rotating, so we could get used to the experience. The movement was very smooth, except for the moment, every 7½ minutes or so, when the stage reversed direction. The sensation was particularly interesting when experienced with one’s eyes closed. Trippy.

Photo by Stevo:

Read in Basho’s Journey, a book of the great Japanese poet’s prose, – essentially a translation of his diaries/travel journals:

Then we landed on the opposite shore where the old cherry tree remains as a memento to priest Saigyo, who wrote of fishermen “rowing over blossoms”.

(((Immediately reminded me of this.)))

Looked up the poem:

The cherry trees
of Kisagata are buried
under the waves
as fishermen row their boats,
over waves of blossoms

After a storm or flood?

Imagined a convention where people wore poetic tags instead of name-tags, like “Rowing over Waves of Blossoms” or “Snowflake landing on a Butterfly” – would say much more about a person than name or title…

I was happy with the evening’s performance. The band sounded more sure-footed and stronger. (((hello! It was only the second performance!))) I had a major mistake in Firelight, but we moved through that and onward. Audience very nice. A good evening. Afterwards sake with friends in the parking lot, celebrating Jon’s birthday.
Celebrity - Backstage Entrance at Night

Cover of AZ Weekly: One, Two

Video and Photography in Public Spaces

02008-06-28 @ 17:06

(Via BoingBoing)

Three Years of Celebrity

02008-06-28 @ 12:06

Three years of Stephen Duros in the Celebrity Theatre.
Stevo - Celebrity 2008
2008: Pirate hat, Corona
2007: Sunglasses, Stella
Stephen at Celebrity Theatre
2006: Diet Coke

Thursday in Tucson

02008-06-26 @ 10:06

Last week I made a whole bunch of radio edits for “The Scent of Light”. Very strange, to try to condense an 8 minute piece into a mere 3 1/2 minutes. Like cutting adjectives out of a sentence… Although, in some cases a very different song appeared, which made the editing/shortening process interesting.
Leaves against Color
Early morning walk in Tucson.

Sitting in “Shot in the Dark” in Tucson with Jon. Good coffee and free Wi-Fi. 100º in Tucson today, 108º in Phoenix tomorrow.
Downtown Wigs

Back at the Fox they are changing the sign:
Changing the Sign

C suggested that the editing might be similar to removing vowels…

Lst wk md whl bnch f rd dts fr “Th Scnt f Lght”. Vry strng, t try t cndns n 8 mnt pc nt mr 3 1/2 mnts. Lk cttng djctvs t f sntnc… lthgh, n sm css vry dffrnt sng pprd, whch md th dtng/shrtnng prcss ntrstng.

Maybe I’ll post one or two of the edits here. In some cases a new piece appears and it’s nice.

PS: The audience at the Fox in Tucson tonight was fantastic. Thank you!!

Stevo took this photo of the stage in the Fox Theater:

Link to Stevo’s impressions

Wednesday in Santa Fe

02008-06-25 @ 16:06

Got up early. Had to drive to Albuquerque and back – but that’s a story for another day.

Brief rehearsal 1200-1400 before packing up everything. Band sounded very good. We will play most of the songs from the new album.

After the gear left, I started packing.

It rained a few drops while the sun shone brightly. My mother called that “Im Himmel ist Jahrmarkt”. Himmel can mean Sky or Heaven in German, but in this case the meaning is there is a fair in heaven – meaning the angels are drunk and flipped the switches for rain and sunshine at the same time…

Am still packing.

The Scent of Light is in the digital distribution pipeline. Expect it on iTunes and amazon and all the other sites next week, or the week after that. You can always buy it and download it from us instead.

Adam reviews “The Scent of Light”

Stevo took this photo before we let Santa Fe:

Where does petroleum oil come from?

02008-06-25 @ 16:06

Where does petroleum oil come from?
1. Oil comes from algae
“The conventional wisdom is that oil descends from algae from eons ago. Lots and lots of algae. Unimaginable mounds of dead algae in quantities no longer found on this planet, pressed, and cooked into hydrocarbon liquids.”

2. Oil is abiogenic (non-organic)
“Others, notably the Russians, have an alternative theory that oil comes from non-biological carbon compounds deep in this planet, like the methane oceans we find on other planets.”

3. Oil is produced by bacteria
“An emerging third theory is that bacteria living within rocks produce oil. In this theory there is a biological component (the bacteria) which constitute the oil-generating process, but the originating material in not degraded organic material, but rather geological carbon gases.”

Kevin says “In any case I am betting on bacteria as the creators of oil simply because I’ve learned to never bet against bacteria.”
(Via BoingBoing)

Tuesday in Santa Fe

02008-06-24 @ 11:06

Read in Brian Eno‘s 1995 diary “A Year with Swollen Appendices” last night. A sentence on the subject of different cultures generally preferring different drugs, stuck with me:

Do the drugs arise from the culture or the culture from the drugs.

Good question. Both?

Today is the 49th day of my dad’s passing. Lit incense in the morning.

Rehearsal 10:00-15:00
Phone interview 1600-1700

Made dinner (((spaghetti carbonara and a green salad with dates and broccolini))) for Arthur Meyerson and Antonin Kratochvil (((check out this portrait slideshow))) who were a joy to hang out with.

By the way, on Sunday I changed my Flickr photos (all 10,000 of them) from a Creative Commons license to full copyright. At the time I wrote:

I like that there are photographers who make a living taking great pictures, who spend their days stalking the light and hounding the moments. Maybe all those amateurs, like myself, who make their photos available for free via a CC license are NOT helping their situation. So I changed all of my Flickr pics to a full copyright.

I like that there are professional photographers who think about photography 24/7. I like that there are professional musicians that think about music 24/7. By switching to a full copyright I am removing all of my photos from any future CC searches. There are many designers, publishers, writers that currently have Flickr accounts, not to share photos but to search for free content they can use for their work. I no longer think that is OK.

I am currently thinking about giving up on the CC license for my CDs and the ListeningLounge. (((If and when I make that change it will not effect any music downloaded or used prior to the moment that I change the license.))) The internet is the wild west of the 21st century. We are making up the future one day at a time.

We meet only to part,
coming and going like white clouds,
Leaving traces so faint
Hardly anybody notices.
– Ryōkan

The book is great. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.

Watched another great wide-screen Santa Fe sunset, with the color cranked way up…

The Scent of Light

02008-06-24 @ 08:06

Today is the official release date. For sure.
I know what I am talking about! (((?)))
Today you can find the album in your local CD store and all online stores.

Link to the album in our online CD store
Link to the album in our download store.

Large Hadron Collider Countdown

02008-06-24 @ 08:06

Large Hadron Collider Countdown
Two weeks to go.

Public Bike System

02008-06-24 @ 08:06

Public Bike System | System Overview
The Public Bike System (PBS) was created to offer an attractive and easy-to-use option for those seeking urban transportation that has less impact on the environment than traditional fuel-powered vehicles, and to act as the perfect complement to public transportation networks.

Montreal is doing all the right things when it comes to the bicycle. Santa Fe, on the other hand, is doing all the wrong things…

Multi-millennial seed resurrection

02008-06-23 @ 21:06

Multi-millennial seed resurrection
The always cool Genetic Archaeology blog has a nifty article on a team of researchers that have managed to get some 2000 year old dates to germinate and produce a tree.  The dates were excavated from the Masada which as built 2044 years ago, and carbon dating of other seeds confirmed their age.  Not quite Jurassic Park, but it could be beginning of a new attraction…  The Biblical Garden.
(Via Long Views)

Electric Car Sharing Service in Paris

02008-06-20 @ 16:06

Electric Car Sharing Service Announced in Paris : TreeHugger
Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë announced yesterday that that program will be in place by the end of 2009 and will consist of some 4,000 cars which program users can pick up from and return to any one of 700 locations throughout the city. Users can either pay a monthly fee or pay as you go by using their monthly transport cards. The particular model of electric car has yet to be determined.

I think the architect Moshe Safdie wrote about this more than a decade ago: the problem of traveling the last few miles after arriving in certain cities that lack good public transportation. For example, after this Summer I will be able to travel from Santa Fe to Albuquerque by train, but Albuquerque has a fairly poor public transport system and if I could pick up an electric car to drive the last few miles – well, probably more than a few because ABQ is so sprawled out – it would make the trip very easy. In a city like Paris it doesn’t make much sense to me, because their Metro is so well designed. But for most western states in the USA an electric car rental/sharing service would be fantastic… think of Dallas, Houston or Phoenix to name a few.

Broken Record: Touring Can’t Replace CD Sales

02008-06-20 @ 13:06

Broken Record: Touring Can’t Replace CD Sales

Since I started writing this blog last fall, one question has bothered me: with diminishing CD sales and slow ticket sales, why would anyone think that bands can survive on touring alone?

In numerous blogs, news stories and commentary, I’ve read how musicians shouldn’t complain about the loss of music sales because they can simply make up for it through touring and the merchandise they sell at shows.

I have believed, after speaking to bands, booking agents and club managers/owners, that is simply not true in most cases. Finally, someone else asks the question – in this case the Oregonian – and comes to realize the same thing I have, especially considering rising gas prices.

Continue reading.
Thanks for leaving that link in your comment Luz.

Related link. I keep linking to this, because I find that it explains “Free Culture” so well.


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