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About “The Scent of Light”

02008-07-31 @ 22:07

…its going to be my cold-beer-at-the-end-of-the-day-while-in-the-field music.

I love that.

Thursday in Santa Fe

02008-07-31 @ 22:07

The main table was full, so I sat down at a small empty table nearby. Soon I was eating dinner and speaking with Wendell Berry. The annual meeting of Lindisfarne is happening at Upaya this week. What an amazing group of people.

related link

Tomorrow I’ll take some photos.


02008-07-31 @ 22:07

Upaya Institute
A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
– Robert A. Heinlein


How Hard Could It Be?

02008-07-31 @ 16:07

How Hard Could It Be?: Good System, Bad System – Starbucks – company culture
Personally, I was so offended by that expediter that I’m now getting my coffee at the Starbucks on 60th Street. The 58th Street branch can take a flying leap for all I care.


02008-07-31 @ 07:07

For Adam:

Unnecessary Knowledge
45% of Americans don’t know that the sun is a star.

Apollinaire + Picasso in the dock

02008-07-30 @ 14:07

Apollinaire and Picasso in the dock Justin Beplate TLS
He had, however, become embroiled in a separate affair involving the theft of three Iberian statues from the Louvre by Géry Pieret, a colourful rogue whom Apollinaire had briefly put up in his apartment in Paris and who had passed on the stolen goods to the poet’s friend Pablo Picasso. Apollinaire later claimed that he had originally tried to persuade Picasso to return the statues to their rightful owner, but that the painter, consumed by the innovations that would give birth to Cubism, was in no mind to give them up, being determined to discover “the arcane secrets of the ancient and barbarian art that had produced them”.

Thanks L.R.

SSRI Free Sampler

02008-07-30 @ 09:07

I added a short radio-edit version of Streetlight (from The Scent of Light to the Free Sampler. It’s about half as long as the album version.

Going Wide-screen

02008-07-30 @ 09:07

The Scent of Light-Echoes August CD of the Month
The music on The Scent of Light builds slowly, each piece carving out a contemplative space until before you know it, the dynamic has completely changed. A centerpiece of the album is “Silence, No More Longing.” It’s an 11 minute excursion that builds from solo guitar, to multi-tracked guitars adding ambient electronics, bass, percussion, and finally unleashing a quiet electric storm from guitarist Stephen Duros.

John Diliberto takes a look at “Scent of Light” against my whole body of work.

You can read the whole piece here and listen to an audio version here. I love the ending of the audio-version!!


02008-07-30 @ 07:07

How to Save the World
Janet Fitch, the author of the novel White Oleander, writes in this month’s Vogue magazine (not available online) about her ten days of self-initiated silence, and the astonishing effect it had on her. She’d been thinking about a meditation retreat, but when her family wanted to go on a ski trip she wasn’t keen on, she decided this was her chance to try a week of simple silence without the chants and poses.

She began by setting her phone to take messages instead of ringing, and telling callers she would not return calls until the end of the ten days. Then she began going for walks and just waving, instead of talking with, people she encountered who she knew. So far so good.

But she discovered that she was filling the conversational space with reading. So she stopped reading. Writing, offline, was OK, as was listening to instrumental music, but no reading at all: no books, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies. That’s when things really started to change. She found she was taking the time to pay attention, to restart things she had dropped, to discover new interests and talents, to cook well instead of indifferently.

Read on.

Computer as furoshiki revisited

02008-07-30 @ 07:07

Bruce Sterling revisits an article he published in 1993:

Gadget Watch: Computer as furoshiki revisited
“Computer as furoshiki” is a highly speculative vision of the personal computer as it might evolve if freed from certain current material constraints. The furoshiki is an intimate and ubiquitous accessory to Japanese daily life. It’s nothing more than a large square of tough, well-made cloth, usually with a handsome pattern. The furoshiki is used, among other purposes, as a grocery bag, a book-tote, and a decorative wrapper for ceremonial gifts. In its simplicity and multiple uses it is little different from a cowboy’s bandanna, except that the skill in wrapping and knotting furoshikis is more arcane.

The computer-as-furoshiki is the computer as a large square of lightweight, flexible cloth. It is not, however, “cloth” as that material is currently understood. The furoshiki’s display screen is formed by thin bands of color-emitting optical fibers, which are wide enough and bright enough to mimic the scan-lines of a video display terminal. These display-fibers are interwoven with other fiber-optics carrying data. A second kind of fiber is densely interwoven; it consists of room-temperature superconductive wire, possibly a novel form of buckminsterfullerene for strength and flexibility.
(Via Beyond the Beyond)

Read on.

Summer Playlist

02008-07-30 @ 06:07

August issue of Town & Country, page 65:

Warm sand, a cool twilight breeze, lobsters steaming… (((sounds better without the lobster))) and the right music to catch the afterglow of a perfect summer’s day. The following CDs will distill the moment; just download (((pay for it first, please))), shuffle, play. Repeat.

Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra, Up Close and Scent of Light. Liebert galvanized world-music fans with his double-platinum album, Nouveau Flamenco. Weaving together Euro-Spanish and jazz influences and not a little Zen (Liebert’s father is Chinese-German; his mother Hungarian), both CDs show off the guitarist’s mesmerizing classical skills in winding meditations. Single: “Firelight” (Scent of Light).

lens culture: buddha project

02008-07-29 @ 08:07

lens culture: buddha project
The Buddha Project encourages people worldwide to participate by submitting photos of found Buddha, sacred Buddha, ancient Buddha, kitschy Buddha, handmade Buddha.

I contributed a few pics to lensculture’s Buddha project.
Thanks MC

Travertine Spa

02008-07-29 @ 08:07

Travertine Spa owner looks to make bigger mark in body-care market – Los Angeles Times
Eventually, Carter decided to mix business with one of his favorite release valves for stress from his legal career: visiting spas wherever he was in the world.

“People relax in a lot of different ways,” Carter said, “but my Johnny Walker Red is a Jacuzzi.”

My friend Terry was written up in the L.A. Times. I was wearing one of his hoddies for several performances because they are so comfortable. I have praised his shea-butter hand creme many times before, here for example.

The Scent of Light

02008-07-29 @ 07:07

Echoes August CD of the Month
Ottmar Liebert: The Scent of Light
Nouveau Flamenco pioneer expands in cinematic colors

Ottmar Liebert created Nouveau Flamenco 18 years ago, and he’s been bending and stretching its boundaries ever since. The Scent of Light isn’t a radical departure, but a subtle shading of the Nouveau Flamenco sound with a layered and colored soundscape that brings new breadth and depth to Liebert’s music. The Scent of Light is our CD of the Month for August.

John Diliberto
((( (((echoes))) )))

Thanks. I like the term cinematic colors.


02008-07-28 @ 21:07

Photo by Tim Reese

100 x 100 CDs

02008-07-28 @ 21:07

100 x 100 CDs
CD SLEEVE PROJECT: Produce 100 CD inserts in 100 days within the following limitations: 1 page; black or grayscale only; type, line, or geometric shape only. Complete design within the time it takes to listen to the CD. Artist name, title, song titles, track number and time are required information.
In the Arms of Love

Chinese ICE

02008-07-28 @ 21:07

Wirtschaft – China-Spezial – FAZ.NET
Testfahrt auf der Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecke zwischen Peking und Tianjin

Link to the article in German.
My dad was born in Tianjin, which used to be called Tientsin. The article is about German ICE trains running in China.

John Pawson

02008-07-26 @ 18:07

Dezeen » Blog Archive » B60 Sloop by John Pawson and Luca Brenta

Great design! When Nouveau Flamenco was released in 1990 I briefly considered the record company’s demand that I move to the Los Angeles area. My idea was to live on a sailboat in Marina del Rey. I went sailing in San Diego and eventually picked out a small sailboat designed by Philippe Starck. Alas NF had just been released and the banks said no.

A year later I found my house in Santa Fe and build a studio. I think (((hindsight is 20/20))) this was a much better turn of events for me, since I have been able to record more than half of my albums in a beautiful studio less than a hundred feet from my home…

Mac Tip

02008-07-26 @ 13:07

Mac Tip: Display the Date on the Menubar
Display the Date on the Menubar

When I am on tour I want to know my time-zone and the date with one glance.
This is how I have it on my laptop:

Friday in Austin

02008-07-26 @ 12:07

One World Theater.

My view from the stage:
My View from the Stage

One World House of Mirrors
After these last two performances Stevo stayed in Austin to catch a flight (ouch! and this), while we started on our drive home.


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