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02008-09-29 @ 13:09

Currently reading:
Anathem by Neal Stephenson
I have been a fan of Neal Stephenson’s writing since coming across Snow Crash in 1992. I am really enjoying the new book.

Basho’s Journey – The literary prose of Matsuo Basho
This is a wonderful book. I am researching a long walk (4-5 weeks) for the Fall of 2009 and have always enjoyed Basho’s poetry. I learned that Basho did not actually write Haiku. That term refers to poems written since 1868. Basho wrote (or rather participated in) Renga – classic linked verse. The opening stanza of Renga is called Hokku. It sets the tone of the linked verse and was usually offered by the master. A Hokku has the same 5-7-5 syllabic rhythm as a Haiku.

On Some Faraway Beach – A biography of Brian Eno


Traffic – Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)

Paul Newman

02008-09-29 @ 08:09

At the Coach House

02008-09-27 @ 17:09

Soundcheck at the Coach House on September 12th. Photo by Stevo. Reminds me of this one.

Saturday Morning

02008-09-27 @ 10:09

Got up at 4:20 and left at 5:00. Many deer along the road – and sometimes on the road. The moon is a lovely waning sliver. Without a city’s light pollution I can see the whole dark disk in the night sky, illuminated from the left. Nice drive until I hit 101S.

Posted at Oakland airport with phone.

Post from the Past: 12 Years Ago – Touring w Santana

02008-09-27 @ 05:09

Tucson, Arizona: last night in Chandler/Phoenix Carlos asks me wether we would record our show there… when i tell him that we are not, he asks wether we would let him record it and i say of course, knowing that Carlos has a huge collection of bootleg tapes: lots of Hendrix, Bob Marley etc… Carlos thinks the lunar eclipse might bring some special music out of all of us… and it is indeed incredibly special: when we start our set a little bit after 7pm, the moon is a shrinking sliver and during our second song it turns black… we all stare at the moon, which is right above the audience in front of us, while we are playing… La Luna Negra in Arizona… this may have been the only chance in our lifetime that we are performing on a stage that faces the moon during a lunar eclipse… a special moment with our namesake… then, after our 2 songs with Santana, we drive to a hotel in Tucson, an unscheduled stop that became necessary because the airconditioning of the bus broke… during the drive to Tucson four of us finish a new bottle of Absolute Citron, listen to Indian Raga music, and discuss the hearing-loss we are getting from just the 2 songs we are doing with Santana… today, Friday, the AC will get fixed or we will get a new bus… in the morning Jon and i walk around the city and find a cafe and some pretty bad coffee… then we discover a huge musicstore that looks like second-hand heaven… lots of trashy guitars and drums and bargain keyboards… an incredible disarray, quite amazing actually…

Thursday Evening

02008-09-26 @ 15:09

Photos by Peter from the Ampelos Winery in Lompoc. Later in the evening Matthew Schoening came and we played together for about an hour.

One of the many wines we drank was a 1993 Sammarco Castello dei Rampolla, a Super Tuscan and one of my favorites.

Wednesday’s Sunset

02008-09-25 @ 12:09

Wednesday Morning

02008-09-24 @ 13:09

It’s quiet, the silence pierced only by a few bird-calls. Deer are grazing 6 feet from the cottage in the early morning light, ignoring me completely as I am sitting zazen. Windblown shapes of pine trees. Too much wine last night, but feeling better after a shower, a glass of coffee and a few pilates exercises.

Yesterday and today I have been playing a lot of guitar. I am reminded of Rahim’s term for when one has practiced enough and the music flows: when the soul has settled.

Gone Fishing

02008-09-22 @ 09:09

Well, not really, but gone for the week. I’ll be angling for photographs.

made on Macs

02008-09-22 @ 09:09

Macworld | Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ ad images made on Macs
Several digital images that Microsoft has posted on its Web site to trumpet its new “I’m a PC” ad campaign were actually created on Macs, according to the files’ originating-software stamp.

Remember to check the details.

iPhone Apps

02008-09-20 @ 09:09

Tiny Violin
The World’s tiniest violin plays just for you. Jon heard about it, I downloaded it and yes, I used it a lot…

Oblique Strategies

Flickring Out

02008-09-19 @ 22:09

What will become of photojournalism in an age of bytes and amateurs?

CJR: Flickring Out
At a recent event, photographer Antonin Kratochvil screened slideshows of his work: American soldiers coolly observing the Iraqi distressed and dead; Lebanese militant youths standing restlessly near decaying walls; American evangelicals speaking in tongues. The photographer then clambered onstage, ruddy and scarf-wrapped (“The Bedoins wear them!”) for his talk, but he was no Christopher Hitchens. He hated talking about himself—as uncomfortable in the role of sage as the rest of us would be in a war zone—and he left the stage with half the time for his “speech” unused, encouraging his audience to spend it smoking cigarettes instead. Kratochvil is not alone in his taciturnity. When I recently asked one of the greats of the form for his thoughts, he e-mailed the aphorism: “To live happy, live hidden.”

Perhaps this distrust in the verbal complaint—so loved by windy print journalists—is why we don’t hear so much about the difficulties facing photojournalism, from street corner news photographers to the deans of the eminent agencies Magnum and vii. They’ve been struggling with downsizing, the rise of the amateur, the ubiquity of camera phones, sound-bite-ization, failing magazines (so fewer commissions), and a lack of money in general for the big photo essays that have long been the love of the metaphoric children of Walker Evans. Like print journalists, photographers are scrambling not only to make sense of the new world, but to survive in it intact.

Thanks for the link M.C.

see this entry about making dinner for Antonin last June

“Kilroy Was Here”

02008-09-19 @ 09:09

“Kilroy Was Here” on the WW2 Memorial on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
A bit of history.

Italian touchscreen application

02008-09-19 @ 07:09

Italian touchscreen application

Wednesday Evening

02008-09-17 @ 22:09

This evening I walked into town to experience Jon playing upright bass with a great local pianist at El Mason. The sun was setting as I arrived. Enjoyed the music and the tapas and headed home an hour later. A drunk in a car (((New Mexico is famous for drunk drivers))) almost ran me over at the corner of Alameda and Paseo de Peralta and then continued happily on the wrong side of the street for a block. Luckily nobody came in the other direction.

I caught glimpses of the fat moon between trees and houses and thought what a wonderful experience walking at night is (((well, I could do without the drunk drivers)))… I like biking better than driving, but walking is the best way to see the moon.

My walk home –
between the trees,
a glimpse of the fat moon.
– 全放

(Thanks Y.)

December 18th – Rio Rancho

02008-09-16 @ 11:09

We have received a lot of inquiries regarding the OL + LN XL show in Rio Rancho on December 18th. I am glad you are as excited about that show as we are. Later this week I hope to post a direct link to a place where you can order tickets.

PS: I am told tickets will go on sale on October 1st. At that time we will publish a link for tickets.

Letters to a Young Musician

02008-09-16 @ 10:09

I started writing a monthly column for Wild River Review and the first one is up now:

Wild River Review: Letters to a Young Musician
by Ottmar Liebert

Canyon Club

02008-09-15 @ 18:09

Critical Section – Ottmar rocks!
Thanks. We did have a great time!

Saturday in Agoura Hills

02008-09-13 @ 16:09

Our first show as a quintet at the Coach House yesterday evening was a gas! Soundcheck at the Canyon Club has begun – gotta go.


02008-09-10 @ 14:09

Thomas Friedman’s Argument For ‘Geo-Greenism’ : NPR
Thomas Friedman is a man bent on revolution. In his new book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, the three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist writes about the need for a green revolution — and calls upon Americans to lead the charge.

Friedman argues that the U.S. can help revive itself at home and abroad by finding solutions to global warming.

Hot, Flat and Crowded – what a great title. Sums it all up, doesn’t it? Global warming, world-economy, and over-population. Brilliant interview, well more like a talk. Go and listen, it’s excellent.


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