Björk on the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen

Björk on the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen | Music | The Guardian
For me, Stockhausen was one of the pioneers who started a new root in music. The electronic root, whose aesthetic is very specific, has its own organic interior, a structure that has DNA independent from other music trees (for example, the classical Beethoven/Wagner/Mahler tree or the blues/rock/Philip Glass branch). When Karlheinz harnessed electricity into sound and showed the rest of us, he sparked off a sun that is still burning and will glow for a long time.


China to invest in rail network ‘as a stimulus measure’

China to invest $280 billion in rail network ‘as a stimulus measure’ | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist

China will invest nearly $A445 billion (US$ 280 billion) in its overburdened rail system as a stimulus measure aimed at blunting the impact of the global financial crisis.

The investment is part of plans to extend the country’s railway network from the current roughly 125,502km to nearly 160,900km by 2010, Shanghai’s Oriental Morning Post reported.

The Beijing News quoted a rail official as saying that, while the network needed extending, the massive investment was also intended to help lift the nation’s economy as it suffers amid the global woes.

“New rail investment will become a shining light in efforts to push forward economic growth,” railway ministry spokesman Wang Yongping said.

I hope Democrats in Congress are paying attention. Yes, spending money on roads and bridges may be a faster stimulus package, but this country needs to make the transition to greater rail-based transit. Seems like we may be able to learn a thing or two from the Middle Kingdom.

Wednesday Disco

Havana Club (The Rosabel Re-Edit)

From the Havana Club Single.
The original recording of the song can be found on the album The Hours between Night + Day (1993). It was remixed by Steve Be Zet for the CD Euphoria (1995). SSRI released a new recording of the song on the album The Santa Fe Sessions (2003).

The Rosabel Re-Edit came about when somebody from the Epic Dance division kept hearing a white-label (unofficial or illegal depending on who is talking) 12″45 of Havana Club (The Latin Mix) from Euphoria in dance clubs. Rosabel created this longer version.

The Havana Club singles (CD and 12″45) are out-of-print.

Autumn Moon

Mind like an autumn moon…
Pure, transcendent, elegant.
Beyond comparison with anything else.
How could I possibly explain this to you?

– Han Shan

From the Upaya newsletter.