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Three Years Ago in Kham, Tibet

02009-09-29 @ 05:09

Playing guitar for the kids at the Zhechen monastery college. Photo by Joan Halifax Roshi. You can find her photos on Flickr.

Monday Carrousels

02009-09-27 @ 15:09

Live at the REH in Florida. The Trio + String Quartet plays Carrousel. The original recording can be found on the album La Semana.

Audio MP3

You can download the high quality 320kbps mp3 file here.

And for those of you who have a high quality Digital-to-Audio-Converter, and can therefore listen to HD files (HD files are 24 bit and 48, 88.2 or 96kHz), I have more. You can download Carrousel, from the album Up Close, in form of a 24bit/96kHz FLAC file here (122MB file).

As I have mentioned before, unless you are using an external DAC, your computer will play back the FLAC, but will dither and downsample to 16/44.1kHz. There are several free apps that play back FLAC (free lossless audio codec), e.g. Songbird, which is open source and available for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, and VLC. You can also use one of these free apps to convert the FLAC file to an .AIFF or .WAV file, which you can import into iTunes. Again, without an external DAC, iTunes will play back an HD AIFF file, but will automatically dither and downsample to 16/44.1.

And, since Up Close is a binaural recording, you have to use headphones to listen to it.

Too complicated for you? Just click on the triangle above and enjoy the music. :-)


02009-09-27 @ 13:09

First of all thanks to everyone who helped clean up the wikipedia entry!!

moonless night, the song of crickets and Luna Negra « neo bohemia
moonless night, the song of crickets and Luna Negra

Neo Bohemia reviews our performance in Saratoga last week – seeems sooo long ago already.

Beautiful weekend here in Santa Fe. Indian Summer, or should one say Native American Summer?

On Friday I worked on yet another unreleased piece from the The Hours Between Night + Day sessions(((here is another one I mixed in April))). Probably won’t be able to finish it before I leave on Monday, but will finish the mix and post it as soon as I am back.


02009-09-24 @ 06:09

Ottmar Liebert – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interesting. Somebody has gone through my wikipedia page and changed a whole bunch recently.

Ottmar Liebert has recorded with Luna Negra since 1990, sometimes preferring all-at-once live recording and disregarding customary studio resources like editing, overdubbing, etc.–but achieving reasonably quality, commercial results nonetheless.

Reasonable quality, eh? I think that started out as high quality, then turned into highly commercial and ended up reasonably quality

I always thought an encyclopedia is supposed to deal in facts, not personal commentary. Somebody has gone through the whole thing and overall tone has become rather cynical and mean.

Luna Negra’s music is easy to categorize as a pop synthesis of cultural music stereotypes.

I wouldn’t care, if I hadn’t noticed this year that several journalists referenced wikipedia. They didn’t used to, but it has become a quick and easy way to pick up some quotes or background.

Afterthought: I listened to One Guitar last night. I had not listened to that recording in a long while and wanted to listen to the album as a whole in 24/96k in order to make sure that the levels are working and nothing jumped out too much. I will archive the album in form of 24/96k AIFF and FLAC files for future distribution. Since I don’t use any compression on One Guitar, it is important that I make sure the levels are compatible and that can only be done by listening. I could look at the meter, but volume is subjective and nothing beats doing it the old-fashioned way, by listening. Anyway, to these ears, a finer guitar sound has not been captured…

Huevos Rancheros with red chile for breakfast – most likely the last time before I leave on Monday. Then to FedEx Kinko’s to obtain passport photos for the Japanese visa application, where I ran into Jon who arrived to get his. I also returned the two movies I rented on Tuesday and decided that I prefer our local video rental shop over Netflix. Arriving home I promptly canceled my Netflix membership. We are lucky to have a real local video rental store in Santa Fe – let’s hope it stays that way.

Hans over at Larry Versus Harry in Copenhagen sent me this item:

Larry vs Harry Blog: #1
Yesterday morning the cargo-bikes raced at the Messenger World Championship in Tokyo, CWMC. As you may remember the 4-time worldchampion, Erik Zo, had joined Team Bullitt for this event. But it was Angus from the Trackbike Shop in Copenhagen,who took the gold. Usually Angus is riding a Bilenky but yesterday he rode a pink Bullitt.


Wednesday Evening

02009-09-23 @ 21:09


02009-09-23 @ 14:09

I read this item regarding Netflix and privacy on Tuesday Morning.

In the Afternoon I walked into town and rented a couple of movies from the local video rental place, which is celebrating 28 years in business this year. I was a member in the Eighties and I renewed my membership last Spring. It’s an old-fashioned store. Accounts are kept on note-cards, there is no computer, one has to walk around and discover the movies, but the selection is good. I haven’t cancelled my Netflix account, yet, but it seems likely that I will. Netflix works well and is easy, but this little local store is more to my liking, and is just an easy bike-ride away.

For dinner I made a salad of lettuce, carrots and raisins, although dates might have been better instead of the raisins. For the dressing I used a food processor, in which I combined the juice of one lemon, about 1/2 cup of olive oil, a handful Italian parsley, three cloves of garlic, salt and pepper. When the salad was done, I sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds on it. I had not used parsley like that, but after reading about a different sauce-recipe in a book of Ottoman cuisine, I decided it might work in a dressing. I really liked the flavor.

After dinner I watched the movie Silk. Not a great movie, but the visuals were beautiful and I concentrated on that. I read the book a year ago. The book is very poetic and worth reading.

In November the band will play in Japan. Dates to follow. We will be in Yokohama and Tokyo for a week. I am quite excited about it!

Would love to see Lovegrove’s solar trees at the MAK in Vienna, if I can find the time.

Naturally this item made me chuckle:

Five possibilities for the future of Facebook | Web Services | Macworld
Social networking will eventually plateau, skid, and fall off a cliff. Users will abandon ship, just as they did with MySpace, tired of scanning pointless Twitter-like status updates, step-by-step progress through silly games, and pictures of vacations you will never, ever take. Without a great deal of innovation and progressive thought, Facebook could find itself staring at a brick wall with no direction home to the simple glory days before 300 million turned into 600 million.


02009-09-22 @ 12:09

Here is the question:

You are a prolific composer (At least it seems that way to me). Do you believe that it is the case that being creative makes a person more so? Or, is a person just intrinsically creative? i.e., Is creativity like a muscle that grows stronger if used, or is it something that one just has like synthesia?

Do you get “writers block?” How do you escape it?, or do you embrace it?

And here is my answer:

Creativity is, in part, a muscle that needs to be engaged and toned. A photographer sees shapes and is aware of the light 24/7 or s/he is not a photographer. A musician hears sounds and rhythms 24/7 or s/he is not a musician. I imagine a writer hears dialog everywhere s/he goes. If you want to be a painter, start looking. You want to be a musician, start hearing.

I think one part of creativity is associative power, the ability to create mental links between ideas and sensory input, thought and reality. Cross-linking what we experience with how we feel and how we view the world. A personal network of external and internal information.

The best ideas have been described at happy accidents, neurons jumping track and colliding with other, seemingly unrelated neurons waiting on another track. A microscopic game of boules. I think that can be trained. (((and I do believe that the odds are improved in people who speak more than one language as they look at the world in a less fixed way)))

You describe nature versus nurture and I have always thought that both are equally important. Talent is not everything! There are people who are supremely talented (((scale is weighted on the nature-side))), who don’t know how to hustle and practice and work (((nurture))). We need both in order to create, talent and practice! And, the more we do something, the better we become at doing that – true for everything we do, isn’t it?

Jon and I recently talked about nature versus nurture in terms of the brain and aging. One person’s body seems old at 45 and another appears fit at 75. The same is true for minds. One person thinks old at 45 and another thinks young at 75. It seems that aging is a combination of genetic pre-disposition (((nature))) AND how we use our brain (((nurture))). Use it or lose it.

I think most every child is naturally creative, but schools seem to be trying hard to ruin them as quickly as possible, but that’s another subject.

Yes, I have had writer’s block. I have been scared of never writing another piece of music. And then, as soon as I forgot that I thought that – I wrote another song. I figure, I have to keep the machine in good shape by practicing and playing guitar, and eventually the music writes itself. I can’t remember HOW I wrote most of my music! It was just suddenly there. Sure, I might have been working on a particular sound-puzzle for hours, even days, but then came the moment when it became obvious what to do. Music, or so it seems, writes itself. Or at least that’s how it seems looking back.

Monday Music

02009-09-21 @ 14:09

Since you enjoyed the Lava track last week, here is another one. I think this one, simply called K-Theme, sounds very appropriate for today, the last day of summer!

Audio MP3

You can download the high quality 320kbps file here. Next week another OL + Luna Negra live recording.

Monday Morning

02009-09-21 @ 09:09

Upaya‘s newsletter kindly mentions Under the Rose today.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned John Cage’s book A Year from Monday. The title stems from a dinner with friends, at which it was decided to meet in Mexico a year from Monday. Cage wrote:

In order to realize this rendezvous, all of us (knowing how to say Yes) will have to learn to say No – No, that is, to anything that may come between us and the realization of our plan.

Reading the title and remembering the story – Cage doesn’t mention whether they did meet after all that – I thought of April and speaking to my brother and dad about meeting in Vienna in October. Dad had lived in Vienna at one time and was quite familiar with the history and layout of the city. We had in mind to see the city through his eyes, to listen to him reminisce about his life there, and, of course, to sit together at a Heurige – the name of taverns in the city that serve wine of the same name. Heuriger means wine from the last harvest, a white wine, probably similar to Verdicchio, a fresh Italian wine that is made to be drunk soon, within a couple of years of harvest.

I remember dad arguing with me on the phone, saying that he would not need the wheel chair my brother and I were suggesting to rent. The three of us did agree to meet in Vienna in October and started making plans.

Then my mind jumped to the upcoming solo-tour and the fact that I will be the only one actually going to Vienna in October… Wow! How strange! I must drink a glass of Heuriger and toast my dad.

It was only a day or two later that I realized that my father did not die this year and that the plans were for October of last year.

From the liner notes of the triple CD A State of Wonder: The Complete Goldberg Variations (1955 & 1981)

The purpose of art is not the release of a mementary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.
– Glenn Gould

Rock & Rollers and quite a few Jazzers would beg to differ. But, to witness the deepening of music in great musicians like Glenn Gould and the cellist Janos Starker over a lifetime is a marvelous gift.

The second disc, recorded analogue in 1981, is a beauty. The piano stands there, right in front of you, and sometimes the eyes open to make sure there isn’t actually one in the room…

I cut my left ringfinger while chopping onions for risotto yesterday evening. Shouldn’t have talked while handling a big knife! I was explaining how the Ottomans made rice by sauteing onions and then adding rice and later water or broth, probably before the Italians did. And that I feel that the Italian cuisine, which is my favorite, is really a hybrid. Rice and spaghetti both have their origins in the East, and one must not forget how many ideas were exchanged between Istantbul and Venice!

I expect the wound will heal by the end of the week and I’ll have plenty of time to practice what I want to play in Europe in October.


02009-09-20 @ 09:09

We are back in Santa Fe. Here are a couple of shots from Los Gatos:

Here are a couple of images from Villa Montalvo. Michael played on a rented drumkit, but brought his own cymbals, of course. This is what the stage looked like in the afternoon because the sun was quite strong:

The setlist was:

Three Days without You
Santa Fe
Heart Still/Beating
Sao Paulo
Untitled Bm

Serenity On Ultracloud/Borrasca
La Luna
Morning Arrival in Goa
Up Close/2 the Night
Duende del Amor

Samba Pa Ti/Barcelona Nights

Here is a slideshow by ochazuke on Flickr:


02009-09-17 @ 06:09

During the first 24 hours, songs from Under the Rose were downloaded more than 9,000 times and as I am posting this, early Thursday Morning, the number has risen to 17,000. That’s a nice start. Roshi Joan will include a link and description of the album in the next Upaya newsletter.

The last rehearsal went well, and we came up with a set list. Morning Arrival in Goa is back in the set, Sao Paulo gains a new end-section with killer drumming, the new, and still unnamed tune will be performed, and we might do Serenity on Ultracloud… lots of new sections and changed grooves – killer groove for Heart Still/Beating:

Audio MP3

Mercury is in retrograde. Backup yer computers. Get Canton’s retrograde widget here. This widget for Mac OS X helps you from being surprised when the planet Mercury “goes retrograde.”

File under oddity or sign of the times: I just bought the three CD set of A State of Wonder by Glenn Gould. Indeed wonderful recordings of Bach from 1955 and 1981, for $15.98. The mp3 album is $24.99. Nine dollars difference, and the mp3s cost MORE…

The Morning light is coming up and I have to get going. Must pack…


02009-09-15 @ 08:09

The rehearsal with the trio yesterday went very well. I wrote a new piece last week and it sounded nice right off the bat! More rehearsing today and tomorrow!

The webpage for Under the Rose is live now, at: Please pass it on!

Brenda left a question:

Brenda Says: September 13th, 2009 at 11:35
I have spent a little bit of time learning to play a dulcimer. Very little time to tell the truth. What is the difference between a dulcimer and zither? Dulcimer seems every simple in finger placement and my children were taught to play homemade dulcimer of octagon shaped to stand in front of as a teaching dulcimer. Many people craft dulcimers in these hills. Eight children could strum, learn, and perform together. In Appalachia, many people play the dulcimer. Does the zither sound much different? I think the sound of a dulcimer would be very complimentary to your sound.

When I speak of the zither, I mean the concert zither – see this wikipedia entry – with a fretted fingerboard. The instrument you discribe might be the Appalachian Dulcimer. The two instrument are remotely related, but while the Appalachian Dulcimer has three or four strings, the concert zither has 32 to 37, depending on the model.

Under the Rose

02009-09-15 @ 06:09

under the rose :: rahim alhaj ; ottmar liebert ; jon gagan ; barrett martin

Album Webpage

The webpage is live now. You can download the music for free, but the musicians involved in the making of this recording invite you to make a tax deductible contribution to Direct Aid Iraq. Read more at the webpage:

I hope you will help me spread the word about the album! It is very easy to embed the music on your blog or website, using the SoundCloud widget. Just go to our webpage and click on the embed symbol. It looks like this – I encircled it in red in this screenshot:

That will bring up these options:


Monday Lava

02009-09-14 @ 09:09

Audio MP3

This is one of the two Lava tracks I worked on last week, Snake Loop Tk5. You can download the high quality mp3 here. The title of the track comes from the percussion loop that appears when the Flamenco guitar solos. It’s from 1993’s Snakecharmer version on the album The Hours Between Night + Day. This track was recorded in 1995 and I am not sure how we achieved this. I did not have ProTools yet. Maybe we put the big 2-inch multi-track tape on the analog recorder – I think I was using a Revox 24-track machine in 1995 and the Sony 24-track arrived the following year – and simply made a mix of just the percussion, recorded that onto a DAT and transferred that to the 2-inch reel we recorded Lava on… Maybe Jon remembers.


02009-09-12 @ 10:09

Friday afternoon I worked on new guitar arrangements for the Villa Montalvo show and for the upcoming solo concert tour in October. Wrote a new Rumba in the process. Current list of project ideas:

1. Trio album – with Jon Gagan and Michael Chavez. Flamenco guitar, bass guitar + drumkit. Few if any overdubs. And, no synth – like La Semana.
2. Solo album. Mostly Flamenco guitar, with some Zither sounds (((that is one hard instrument to play!)))
3. Movie: mixing performance, such as this one, timelapse video like this and this, and stuff from my slideshow – like this. I think a good balance might be 30-40 minute of live performance and another 30-40 minutes of other visuals. The question is whether to mix it up, meaning cutting from live performnce to a time-lapse and to slide-show and back, or whether to keep the live performances uncut? The former would be more poetic and film-like, but arguments can be made for keeping the performances pure.

Well, the question may be academic. As of last month we had to cut off our CD distributor – meaning we stopped shipping CDs to them – because they owe us too much money. As a result some of my CDs might be in short supply in some stores, but we can’t let the debt get too large. I hope this has a happy ending, because I like our distributor and would hate to have to look for a new one. So, really, I shouldn’t think of making a movie, when I don’t even have CD distribution for certain. But, it may be fun. Certainly a long-term project as I have to learn how to edit movies first… :-)

In the evening I spent a couple of hours in the studio, making changes to the Lava mixes (((previous Lava mixes can be found here, here and here))) I had done Thursday evening. I noticed that the Ultrasone headphones have some strange bumps in the low-end reproduction. One guitar in particular sounded fine on 3 pairs of loudspeakers as well as Sony and Stax headphones, but rather ugly on the Ultrasones.

Rode the Mariachi Bullitt to Whole Foods this morning. I ran out of Illy Beans at home and the coffeeshop I rode past was still closed, so I made some drip coffee when I got home after grocery shopping. Yes, I left home un-caffeinated! That was a first in many moons.

Oh, the Bullitt behaved very well with four grocery bags. Getting up my hill was good exercise! When I arrived home I realized I haven’t taken my car out of the garagen since picking up Bella at the vet on Tuesday evening. Nice.

The manual coffee grinder was handed down from my grandmother to my mother and then to me. Cleaning tip for grinders: fill up with white rice kernels and grind – that removes most of the oily coffee grime in the grinding mechanism. Should work just as well with electric grinders, I think.

By the way, if you want to view, or download, the 10,000+ photos I have on Flickr you should read this. Joining Flickr is free and easy. Just noticed that only about half of you have added me as a Flickr contact.

A few songs a day keep the doctor away

02009-09-12 @ 09:09

A few songs a day keep the doctor away | Health Tech – CNET News
According to research out of the University of Belgrade at Serbia, listening to music every day might also be good for the heart. Predrag Mitrovic just presented his study of 740 patients to the European Society of Cardiology 2009 Congress, demonstrating that 12 minutes of music a day reduces blood pressure, heart rate, patient anxiety, as well as the likelihood of reinfarction and sudden death in acute coronary syndrome patients.

Let me get this straight. People should listen to music for their health. But, there is no money for music education in school. That is seriously wrong.
(Thanks for the link Carol)


02009-09-10 @ 20:09

Yesterday morning I dressed Bella in a fresh t-shirt. It said “Reading is Fundamental”, although the meaning is probably lost on her. Then I biked to have my weekly breakfast with Jon.

09 Return to Andalusia

Here is an interesting twist that I have only seen on SoundCloud. You can enter timed comments, that is comments that are tied to a particular place in the music. Clicking on the link below the soundfile will take you to the file’s location on Instead of writing “I like the riff that starts @ 2:54 minutes into the music” you just click on the blue bar and enter your comment. And then it should show up on the embedded player above!

It would be interesting to create an internet-based music album, where different media is attached to the music in a similar fashion. For example, a few words of poetry are linked to a particular moment, followed by a photograph linked to different moment, or even video.

I can hear you say, that’s called a movie, and maybe it is. I should try Adobe Premier or Apple’s Final Cut to create what I imagine… Can’t somebody combine Keynote and a video editing program?

Then again, does that further ruin our sense of hearing? Vision dominates hearing. However poetic and interesting such an album might be, it would distract from the experience of the music. Or, as Jon pointed out to me after I mentioned this, when he turns the lights out while listening, the music always seems to become twice as loud.

And what about my solo-concerts and the imagery I project alongside? Those of you who have come to one of my solo performances where I used projection – how do you feel about it? I feel a conflict, but I also like the experience. Performing music while projecting images – it seems to be connected to the present, this moment in cultural history, and possibly to the struggle I have with giving my eyes and ears each their due.

Here is another quote on the same subject from Trent Raznor, this time in the latest New Yorker magazine:

Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor: The New Yorker
Walk into a Best Buy and everyone’s obsessed with the highest possible resolution for their TVs. 1080p versus 1080i resolution, hundred-dollar HDMI video cables . . . yet everyone still walks around with those terrible quality white iPod ‘earbuds.’

Seeing dominates hearing…

That reminded me of my rants about the subject from the mid-Nineties, especially Rant #8 and Rant #9.

Anyway, if you feel like leaving timed comments, feel free to do so. I believe you will have to open a free SoundCloud account to do so.

I have always enjoyed seeing the change of a landscape over time and these are nice examples from Hong Kong:

Hong Kong, Then and Now – Popwuping
Hong Kong, Then and Now

Here is a direct link to the Flickr photostream and here is a link to the Old-New Hongkong slideshow.

Nice screensaver clock for Macintosh (((including the new 10.6 OS))) and Windows.

Simon Heys » Word Clock
Word Clock is a typographic screensaver for Mac OS X and Windows. It displays a fixed list of all numbers and words sufficient to express any possible date and time as a sentence. Word Clock displays time by highlighting appropriate words as each second passes.

There are two display modes; Linear which is shown above and Rotary which has a nice relationship with traditional analogue clocks.

Don’t use this with an old CRT screen as I imagine it will cause burn-in.


A few songs a day keep the doctor away | Health Tech – CNET News
According to research out of the University of Belgrade at Serbia, listening to music every day might also be good for the heart. Predrag Mitrovic just presented his study of 740 patients to the European Society of Cardiology 2009 Congress, demonstrating that 12 minutes of music a day reduces blood pressure, heart rate, patient anxiety, as well as the likelihood of reinfarction and sudden death in acute coronary syndrome patients.

Let me get this straight. People should listen to music for their health. But, there is no money for music education in school. That is seriously wrong.

(Thanks for the link Carol)

In the evening: practicing guitar, then listening to Till Fellner play Bach and then a couple of hours in the Studio, mixing another Lava track.


02009-09-10 @ 07:09

Wednesday morning I got up at 06:00 to take care of Bella who had surgery on Tuesday. The old girl is doing well, but looks a little bit like Frankenstein’s bride. Her back is shaved and features a long sewn-up scar.

Then I rode the Mariachi Bullitt to my acupuncturist.

I used to have acupuncture at every season change, and have gone to the same acupuncturist for twenty years, but had not gone in a while. I felt I needed a tune-up, though, and sure enough, the kidney meridian was running backwards. Another acupuncture session next week and I should be in good fighting shape. After acupuncture I rode to the Treehouse cafe for breakfast. Then home, but not before I bought more wieners for Bella – to hide her medication in.

Good weblog post on digital music:

the music of sound » The Problem with Digital Music
But these meandering journeys across the Internet soundscape can be taxing. The medium too easily generates anxiety in place of fulfillment, an addictive cycle of craving and malaise. No sooner has one experience begun than the thought of what else is out there intrudes. Putting on an old-fashioned disk and letting it play to the end restores a measure of sanity. This may explain why the archaic LP is enjoying an odd surge of popularity among younger listeners: it’s a modest rebellion against the tyranny of instant access.”

The whole piece is worth reading.
Continue reading here.

This is well said: The medium too easily generates anxiety in place of fulfillment, an addictive cycle of craving and malaise. No sooner has one experience begun than the thought of what else is out there intrudes.

How about you? Do you ever just listen to music, or do you listen to music while doing everything else? Would you say 80% of your listening experience is background music? Less, more? Do you sit down to listen to a single track or an entire album? Does listening with headphones help shut out the world or are you comfortable listening with loudspeakers, while not doing anything else? If you mostly listen to music in the background, do you find that it is because digital music can be played continuously (((either streamed or from files you acquired))) while LPs needed to be turned over every 15 minutes – or do you think the cause is our addiction to multitasking?

Bought another album at HDTracks. Wanting to hear how ECM would produce classical piano, I purchased Johann Sebastian Bach: Inventionen und Sinfonien / Franzosische Suite V performed by Till Fellner, on the ECM label. Check out the Sarabande, part of the French Suite, track #33. That is one very beautiful piece, all 5+ minutes of it. I find it very interesting how Manfred Eicher has turned his interest from Jazz to Classical music over the years. His classical production have that same soundscape as the Jazz recordings and sound wonderful.

Found this on Vimeo yesterday:

Reading a newspaper, I saw a picture of birds on the electric wires. I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes (no Photoshop edit). I knew it wasn’t the most original idea in the universe. I was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating.


02009-09-09 @ 07:09

Please remember to add to your address book, so the password-emails don’t end up in your spam folder!

To find all of the music available for listening, please click on the music category in the sidebar, or HERE.

I usually upload two music files, often on Mondays, one file for listening within the journal that looks like this:

Audio MP3

…and another, a high quality 320kbps file or the occasional 16/44.1 or 24/96kHz file, that can be downloaded and added to you music player, e.g. iTunes. The mp3 files should all line up nicely in album-form, at least in iTunes. They all have the same Ottmar-Friends cover and album title. Usually the download file is available for 60 days. I intend to bring the old download files back on their anniversary, maybe on Wednesdays. In other words next year subscribers will find a new music file on Mondays and a return appearance of a file, that was first available a year earlier, on Wednesdays.


02009-09-09 @ 06:09

the mind open with the inner ear « neo bohemia
Poetry is not something you can order up – the beginnings of poems come unbidden and then one goes to work on them, always keeping a huge space of mind open around it. The trick is to listen with the inner ear. This is maybe the most rewarding sort of artistic work, but it would be greedy to expect to be able to do it all the time.
– Gary Snyder

The same is true for music!

And check out this interesting post. Any correlation to the divorce-rate? What about the genetic health of children? Any correlation to genetic problems?

We are getting rid of ownership, substituting use. Beginning with ideas. Which ones can we take? Which ones can we take?

from John Cage’s 1965 (((!!!))) diary, included in his book A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings

Must re-read that book, which I bought 27 years ago! (The reason I picked it up today will become apparent soon.)

A little more about the album Under the Rose:

The four of us came up with the song titles in my kitchen. One of my suggestions was Under the Rose. It is a Sufi expression. As I understand it, Sufi masters usually taught out of their home. Most traditional Sufi masters held down jobs, often masonry, since they did not ask for alms or taught for money. The only sign that would give away that a Sufi master lived in a particular house was that a rose would be fastened above the entrance. Apparently Sufis did not proselytize. If someone was looking for them, they could be found.
01 Under the RoseUnder the Rose webpage

Barrett came up with the title Spirit of Saladin. I had heard the name, but didn’t know much about him. Here is Saladin on wikipedia:

His chivalrous behavior was noted by Christian chroniclers, especially in the accounts of the siege of Kerak in Moab, and despite being the nemesis of the Crusaders he won the respect of many of them, including Richard the Lionheart; rather than becoming a hated figure in Europe, he became a celebrated example of the principles of chivalry, a rare distinction for a non-Christian.

10 Spirit of SaladinUnder the Rose webpage

The webpage for the album: should become available on or around September 15th – nothing there now. I hope at that time you will help me spread the word about the album. It is very easy to embed the music anywhere using the SoundCloud widget. Just go to the album, or click on any of the individual track and then click on Share and this comes up:

You can customize the player, I used red for the ones I embedded above, and there are shortcuts for many sites.

Once our webpage is up next week you are free to embed the music on your weblogs (((totally easy!))) and email the links to your heart’s content – and please link to the special page. Only a week to go.


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