The Scent of Disease

For the last several years, scientists have taken an acute interest in her nose. Milne, after all, is also able to smell diseases. People with Alzheimer’s smell to her like rye bread, diabetes like nail polish, cancer like mushrooms and tuberculosis like damp cardboard.

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Morning in Honolulu

I got up early and left the hotel by 0615. The streets were already lively with people. After securing sufficient amounts of caffeine I walked five miles under overcast skies. I love visiting the Banyan trees en route.

November 2019

The original Blade Runner took place in November of 2019. I am sure grateful that I don’t live in THAT reality.

NM License Plates

Which metric is used to justify “Chile Capital of the World”? I mean hello, what about Szechuan, Thailand, Indonesia?

It’s the “e”.

What do you mean?

In NM we use the Spanish spelling of chili, which is chile. If they’d claim “Chili Capital of the World” they’d be lying, obviously.

Oh, that’s twisted.