Social Media

I have mentioned it before but I’ll say it again:

The ONLY social media accounts I have are @ottmarliebert on Twitter and ottmarliebert on Instagram. I don’t have any additional or private accounts on Twitter or Instagram and I have absolutely no Facebook account.

If you hear from anyone claiming to be me you should do this:

  • ignore them
  • report them to the social media platform
  • send me an email or leave a comment on this blog

Emit Experiments

I used the little improvisation from last week to experiment with a new Ableton/Live pack called Inspired by Nature. The device called “Emit” is described like this:

Emit is a visual granular synthesizer that uses particles shooting across a spectrogram to show the grain of a sample being played, while vertical movements represent filtering and panning. Create more variables for your particles by adding walls for them to bounce off, and friction to slow them down. By using phase vocoder synthesis for playback, Emit allows particles to move across the sample at any speed without affecting pitch.

I fed the music into Emit and picked a short selection of the performance for it to work with. Everything you hear is guitar, the actual performance in the foreground and the processed particals behind that. It returns me to my notion of connecting and combining past and present that I first explored on the “Opium” tour. In 1996 Ancient Man was Ron Wagner playing tablas and dumbek. Future Man was Carl Coletti playing electronic Roland V-Drums, which he dubbed “the tupperware kit”.

There is something there worth pursuing.

Bandcamp Friday

Today Bandcamp does not take a commission. Here is the new salsa version of “Dance 4 Me”:

That’s a photo of Jon’s fabulous German upright bass – over a century old – that is the glue for this version of the song.


In the morning I worked with the Ableton/Live Bouncy Ball generator, using a guitar sample I had made. I couldn’t figure out how to use multiple samples for a more realistic sound, which is why it sounds like something from the Eighties when samplers were new and digital storage was precious and puny. The result is hella random sounding.

In the afternoon I played guitar and recorded this little improvisation.

guitar + pipe

The Dallas Museum of Art released a link to the video I created for them. Click on the image below to go to the video.