Music: The Baghdad Lute – Naseer Shamma

Another Ud CD. In England it’s ud, in the USA mostly oud. I think I am just going to switch back and forth… Found the CD at amazon – see direct link above – and enjoy the music very much. On track #5 he used his fingers instead of the plectrum commonly used – and apparently this is an ancient oud technique, as sculptures and inscriptions show. A technique “used nowadays for the flamenco guitar”, as the liner notes point out.

Asked Rahim AlHaj – check out his updated web site – what he thought of Naseer Shamma, and he wrote this: Nasser Shamma is a good friend of mine. He graduated a few years before me. He is an incredible musician. In fact he is the best oud player in the world right now. We compete against each other in a good way. I admire him very much.

Well, we should support these incredible musicians by buying their CDs. There is very obviously a great wealth of wonderful musicians out of Baghdad. Ah, and I think by the end of next week you should be able to buy and download two of Rahim’s albums from the ListeningLounge.