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It’s wrong to think happiness will come right away.  It’s something you (we) create, not something you wait for.
– Ozu Yasujiro’s, Late Spring

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Marc Benioff Gets It
Marc Benioff:
The future of our industry now looks totally different than the past. It looks like a sheet of paper, and it’s called the iPad. It’s not about typing or clicking; it’s about touching. It’s not about text, or even animation, it’s about video. It’s not about a local disk, or even a desktop, it’s about the cloud. It’s not about pulling information; it’s about push. It’s not about repurposing old software, it’s about writing everything from scratch (because you want to take advantage of the awesome potential of the new computers and the new cloud—and because you have to reach this pinnacle). Finally, the industry is fun again.

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The stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in early morning dew | Mail Online

Here is a noise that drove me crazy a while ago.

It’s that noise between the notes. But we checked and… it’s just another buzz on my guitar. She has a whole bunch of different buzzes and noises now. She’s about eight years old, and I suppose she needs new frets. Or, you might say she has gained a whole bunch of character. There is one particlar noise that sounds like a telephone ringing in the distance. Very interesting.
Adam asked about Blanca versus Negra guitars a while ago. He mentioned that he wants to buy a guitar in Spain. I haven’t seen a Spanish guitar that was of better quality then guitars by top American luthiers, but I can understand the allure of a Spanish Flamenco guitar. I recommend that you buy the guitar that feels best in your hands, that plays best, regardless of the wood. The sound properties of Blanca versus Negra are not as important as how the guitar plays. I also noticed that luthiers in Spain seem to keep the best guitars in the back of the shop, away from the hands of casual visitors. You’ll have to ask to see those or show the luthier that you can play – and then he will bring out the good stuff.