I think Jon’s bass-playing is fantastic and want to highlight a few things he played on the new album. Here are a few solos he took:

The first sample was taken from the second track, Blue by Blue.

Dancing Alone. This second example is the only solo that was overdubbed. The reason for that was that Jon used a fretted bass with a piece of foam wedged under the strings (((it’s a James Jamerson thing))) for the song and he wanted to do the solo on the “singing” fretless. You actually hear both basses here. The fretted bass plays the root and the fretless solos.

The third excerpt is from track number ten, Sixteen Hours. No matter what the chord changes, Jon will find something lyrical and melodious to play!

This last examples was taken from track number six, Tokyo After Midnight. I have presented this already, but this here is from the final mix.