I bought the Cd ‘The Scent of light’ last night at the Dallas House of Blues Show. It is a very good disk but I am concerned that the over all recording level is much lower then the rest of my CDs. The volume is low enough that when other disks in rotation are over I have to turn up ‘Scent’ and then turn it back down when the next disk comes on.

Are they aware that this is how the disk was mastered? I have tried this on four different systems and the volume is down on all of them.

To this I am a little bummed out valuing the quality of such a fine recording when playing with others disks at the same time on rotation in my art studio.

Please bring it to someones attention, it does have a ruining effect for me.

I love the disk, just not the ‘levels’ it was mastered in.

My reply:

Thanks for your note which was forwarded to me.

We use less compression in the mastering process which allows my music to have more dynamics. It simply sounds better.

Here are a few links for you to understand what extreme compression, sadly very common in mastering these days, does to music:


Our albums may never be as loud as many of your other CDs. That is NOT because ours CDs are mastered too low. It is because their CDs are mastered too loud, depriving you of any dynamics and clipping the fidelity.