You can download this file here.

This is the second half of the concert in Orlando on January 20th.

We had a trio rehearsal this morning, because Houman already flew to Germany to get his visa. If all goes well, he will join us in Riga on Sunday.

I might not have a lot of access to update this Journal in the next three weeks, but opened a new Twitter account to tell you about our journey as it unfolds. You don’t have to join Twitter to read my posts at If you are on Twitter you can follow @ottmarliebert. I have had a sleeper account (((meaning I have never posted there))) under an alias for a while and have been following the tragedy in Japan and the events in the Middle East via Twitter. I was impressed with the information I was able to glean. Much of it was of higher quality, and was spread faster, than what was available from the disgustingly sensationalist American news TV channels.

PS: Really, I can play that first piece, a duet with Houman, much better than that. Damn, I choked a few times that evening… I look forward to working on this piece with Houman during the coming weeks. Before this Journal comes to an end at the end of May I shall upload a much improved version.