Ottmar Liebert – Collection [19 CD] (1990-2010) MP3 – 320
Ottmar Liebert – Collection [19 CD] (1990-2010) MP3 – 320

Why limit oneself to sharing one album, when one can share 19 of them. What an ass! Why do I even bother to record anything at this point?

As Dave pointed out in the comments, I record for the fans who aren’t douche bags (his words).

True, and also for myself.

By the way, I watched the DVD Inside Job the other night – the film that won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature this year – more on Wikipedia. Talk about a culture that is unsustainable! Educating, infuriating. It’s a must-see!

Also, we received our Santa Fe CDs, which means that they will be available from us during the Spring tour. I am not pleased with a way the cover looks. Because sharpies don’t write well on coated stock we switched to printing on the other, uncoated, side. The first album cover printed on the uncoated stock was Petals On the Path, and it looked OK. Well, this one doesn’t look very good. (what happens when one is in a rush and has no time to approve the actual printing)

But, here is another way to look at this:

It’s a limited edition of 1,000 CDs… because once these are sold we will completely re-design the cover!

The music on the CD, on the other hand, sounds amazing. I am really happy with the way it turned out.