Buffalo as seen from my hotel room:

One often wonders whether flight attendants have to demonstrate how to buckle a seat belt – doesn’t that seem completely unnecessary? But this afternoon a group of tribal Asians were on the flight from Chicago to Buffalo who were not familiar with seat belts and Jon had to help an old man next to him get buckled up. After landing the man also could not release the seatbelt himself. Like a visitor from another planet. I do like to see that sort of thing.. people who are clearly different.

I was thinking about my post Pirates and Thieves and how complicated that whole issue really is. A person who rips 19 album and gathers up all of those files, perhaps adds cover images to the files, uploads them to rapidshare or a similar service, that person invests quite a bit of time and effort. They must like the music, must see their making the music available in this fashion as a way to either get some credit for “liberating music” from fellow file-sharers, or perhaps they even imagine they are helping these albums get heard.

Take these two blog pieces about books and piracy and Google searches and ranking for example: an author wrote this piece about his book and received this reply a few days later. Interesting, complex, complicated.

Society has not digested the Internet (and many other things – e.g. when to use and when to silence cellphones etc.) yet… we are still unclear about what is OK and what isn’t. This has nothing to do with what the law says is not OK, but that has always been so throughout history! What the law says is not permissible and what we think is not permissible are two separate islands with a whole lot of grey area in between.

There was more I had thought up about this, but I am getting tired – I had two hours of sleep last night – and perhaps I can be clearer in the Morning.