I started to work on new music a while ago. Fortunately I have a studio building near my house so I can work as much as I want to. Every album since ¡Viva! was recorded and mixed here, with the exception of Leaning Into the Night, and every album since La Semana was also mastered here. Three of the albums recorded here were nominated for a Grammy: Opium, One Guitar, and The Scent of Light. For a number of years I haven’t sent albums to the Grammy folks for consideration and I am not part of the organization, so The Scent of Light will be the last nomination.

Since I am a loner not much has changed for me, at least regarding the recording aspect of my work. Normally my life is balanced by going on tour and being around a lot of people for a duration, before returning to my place. That’s not going to happen for a while so I will concentrate on recording.

A new album is still many months away, but skeletons of several new pieces have already taken shape. I was thinking of sharing one such piece with you. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress. I don’t have a title for the album or for this song, but since files and folders require names I called the folder AfroMenco and the song is called Twitch.. I have been listening a lot to Afrobeats music so I combined Afrobeats and Flamenco into a word. A good place to start for this kind of music is the Apple Music Afrobeats Hits Playlist. Maybe I will curate my own playlist and create a link to that…

At this point Twitch consists only of my guitars and Jon’s bass, some palmas, and programmed percussion. Robby hasn’t added his drumming yet. I like the space and do not imagine adding any kind of keyboards… but it’s early days. Let me repeat: this is a work in progress, an advanced sketch, and it may change a lot during the coming weeks and months… but that’s also the fun part, isn’t it… looking behind the curtain and seeing the evolution.

May this music make you smile and, perhaps, make you dance (or Twitch) in your kitchen or living room. Here is the LINK to Twitch. Be safe.