Yesterday I spent an hour and a half in the studio, working on moving stuff from the old old G4 to the new old G4. I decided to move the two hardware bays from the old old Mac, with two drives in each, to the new old Mac, which had one drive in one bay plus an empty bay. The computer started up right away and I rejoiced. I moved the RAM from the old old to the new old. The computer started up… but then it shut down and I spent the rest of the time troubleshooting connectors and cables. I noticed that the internal fan of the new old G4 was filthy and I replaced it with the clean fan in my old machine.

The afternoon ended terribly with the new old computer refusing to turn on. Sometimes it made it past the Boing only to shut down a few seconds later.

So this morning it was with a lot of trepidation that entered the studio to wrestle with the machines. I checked the connections and moved the ProTools PCI cards to the new old machine. I pressed the power button. It started up…

The rest was easy. I disconnected everything and placed the Mac into the enclosure. Then I connected the screen and USB extenders, the ProTools cable and everything else. The computer started up and at 1015 this morning the sound of music was once again playing in my studio.