Using a mailing list has never been a lot of fun for me. I guess I really don’t like the medium and have never been comfortable with it. I am also frustrated that only about half of the recipients of a list email actually open the email. I am not sure why people sign up for a mailing list when they don’t even want to look at it? One thing I don’t like about having a mailing list is that there are always some people who aggressively question why they are on the mailing list in the first place. You signed up, or maybe a friend of yours signed you up, because it is not in anyone’s interest for me to sneak someone onto my mailing list.

Mailing lists are expensive. I generally send out about ten list emails in a year at a cost of about $700. Lately, I have been thinking about alternatives. There are several obvious options.

1. You can check this blog/Diary from time to time to find out about what I am up to
2. You can use a RSS reader to subscribe to this diary and lots of other blogs and news – this one is excellent and so is this one
3. You can check the Tour page for my schedule
4. You can subscribe to Songkick – this seems to be very popular as over 26,000 are following me on Songkick
5. You can follow me on Twitter for announcements

I don’t think I am a good salesman and self-promotion is not something I enjoy.

What do you think? Are you subscribing to my mailing list? Is there something about a mailing list that you like? Can you think of reasons why I should continue using a mailing list? Thanks in advance for your comments.