Let me first thank you for the comments you left on the post Mailing Lists. They are helpful and appreciated.

I am not a star nor do I have aspirations to be a star. I view myself as a craftsman. I play guitar and I make music. I have been fortunate to do this for the last 30 years – in March of 1990 I quit my day-job in Santa Fe. Making music, in my opinion, is a lot like crafting pottery or making a sword. It takes time and an understanding of the medium. I think my albums sound better than ever. The album Fete sounds amazing. This is puzzling because my hearing is not nearly as good as it was thirty years ago. Yet it makes sense, too, because hearing is nothing without the decoding that happens in the brain. My mixes are better. The sense of space, the locations of the instruments.

I am not a good salesman. I don’t like the process. I know many people seem to think that in this new economy every musician has to devote time to developing a social media presence and amass followers. Some musicians spent hours every day doing just that. Me, I’d rather play guitar, work in the studio, or take photographs.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about social media, and about mailing lists, and about the idea of taking an active role in promoting myself. I realize that I don’t want to… I just don’t. What my heart wants to do is to shut down the mailing list. A good craftsman doesn’t advertise… they make pottery and people come to them and buy their products. I don’t want to send monthly emails to thousands of people to advertise my work, the recordings or the tours.

If you like what I do, I hope you will return to my website, to this blog, and to the page that contains the Touring Schedule. If you are on Twitter, I will try to make announcements there. 140 characters – that much I can handle.

I don’t want to sell anything but I will continue to make stuff – music, photography, video, writing – and some of it you will be able to buy. If you want to.