I woke up with the feeling that I was in a spaceship on my way to another galaxy. Flashes of Bruce Dern in Silent Running, which I watched on German TV when I was a teenager, and Dr. David Bowman in A Space Odyssey, jogging around a centrifugal device, which created artificial gravity on the Discovery One spacecraft.

This year I spent more time in my house and studio than ever before. Very early in the morning I leave the house to walk through mostly empty streets – it’s not a big step to imagine that the streets that I know so well could be a projection and that I am actually walking along a narrow path around the circumference of a ship. The bumps in the road, that not only look like bumps but also feel like bumps, are very well engineered. They make this a better exercise for the body because I have to take them into account and step over or around them… eye-to-feet-coordination. I usually wear headphones and listen to music or a podcast or just to binaural beats. The headphones remove the noise of traffic and make my world quiet.

I have several rituals that mark the time. There is my daily meditation, for example, and the daily afternoon celebration that consists of taking an espresso and a small madeleine with my co-pilot, sometimes combined wih a game of cards, usually at 1530 and after a yoga session. Yes, I learned how to make really good madeleines a few months ago. There is the guitar practice and some daily reading. There is the weekly making of bread…

I realize that I could be good at interstellar travel. I am content on this ship, content with my morning walk, and the little things that fill the day.