My plan for the rest of the year.

  • work on the Full Version of vision 2020: trumpet has been recorded already with percussion + accordion still to be done
  • add more of the old SSRI catalog to Bandcamp – where possible in high def., including Up Close in 24/96kHz
  • work on four new compositions which will either become part of an album called Bare Wood 2 or will be the start of a entirely new album… restrict instrumentation to Flamenco guitar, upright bass and cajon/djembe
  • plan one more Twitch performance or perhaps two performances as before – one in evening + one in late morning
  • add Jon Gagan’s version/remix of Dance 4 Me to Bandcamp… it’s beautiful + creative + different + rich + orchestral!
  • write a post about the different music file formats and their advantages
  • stay home :-)