Newton talks to Bryce in a hotel in Chicago and admits to being an alien. There are less than 300 Antheans left and they have food and fuel to survive fifty years. Should they be brought to Earth, Newton wonders, when they might have less time to live here, because Antheans calculated that the earth will be destroyed by nuclear war within thirty years. The book was published in 1963 and America was in the middle of the cold war.

Newton and Bryce talk about bombs and art, with Bryce pointing out that the paintings were created by humans, too. Newton replies, but only a few humans make such beautiful things.

It can take years for an artist to create one painting and yet an arsonist can destroy it in moments.

It takes a long time to create a democracy and yet it takes very little time to destroy it.

Here is a collection of art that might put a smile on your face.