Here is the link to the work in progress.

Yesterday afternoon, in the studio, I worked on “Bare Wood 2”. Three songs from “Fete”, four songs from “vision 2020”, and four brand new pieces, all fashioned only from the bare wood: flamenco guitar, acoustic upright bass, cajon and djembe. I especially love how the new pieces are turning out, but all of the album sounds good to me.

I love the freedom of going from a big sounding record like “Fete” or “vision 2020 (full version)” to something like “Bare Wood 2”. And next to “slow 2” or “one guitar two” or something altogether different, sprouting from the piece that is the music for the incense video.

Now for something more serious. I think the CDC is making a huge mistake by stopping vaccinations with the Johnson & Johnson product. Did you know that a “side effect” of the birthcontrol pill is the risk of one in a thousand of blood-clotting? The J&J vaccine appears to have a risk of one in a million. That’s a thousand times less! The risk of not reaching herd immunity and more people dying from Covid is a lot higher than one in a million.