Scientists have long known that a neurological Mason-Dixon line cleaves our brains into two regions – the left and right hemispheres. But in the last 10 years, thanks in part to advances in functional magnetic resonance imaging, researchers have begun to identify more precisely how the two sides divide responsibilities. The left hemisphere handles sequence, literalness, and analysis. The right hemisphere, meanwhile, takes care of context, emotional expression, and synthesis. Of course, the human brain, with its 100 billion cells forging 1 quadrillion connections, is breathtakingly complex. The two hemispheres work in concert, and we enlist both sides for nearly everything we do. But the structure of our brains can help explain the contours of our times.

Nice article by Daniel Pink. Two things come to mind:

1. Why choose between Left and Right when you can have both. Meditation creates connections between the two hemispheres and two halves make a whole…
2. The school system is taking kids down the wrong road. Parents have to demand art and music classes, because that is how one gets kids to engage the right hemisphere. Use it or lose it.
Thanks Eric N.

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