The Scent of Light

"This is my best album yet."
- Ottmar

"It's difficult to find fault with this album, either in terms of the compositions or the playing or the mixing design. These are instrumentals that talk..."
- Laurence Russell / Culture Court

Nominated for a 2008 Grammy

Each of these ten instrumentals draws a picture, and each picture tells a story. It's music as a smell that triggers unexpected memories. India, 1978... Granada, 1992... each track has a strong atmosphere of time and place, like the journal of an itinerant poet or painter. Tracks range from over 5 minutes to almost 12 minutes. Each piece shifts and evolves, sometimes going through several tempo and rhythm changes, "The River" features Tangos, Rumba and 6/8 rhythms, sometimes building from a haunting solo-guitar performance to the full drive of the band, as in "Silence: No More Longing".

And this from CultureCourt

  • “The Scent of Light”

    Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra

    SSRI 902012 (2008)

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1. Up Close: Beginning 6:40 Up Close: Beginning
2. Streetlight (Marseille, August 1999) 7:41 Streetlight (Marseille, August 1999)
3. Silence: No More Longing (Utah, May 2... 11:04 Silence: No More Longing (Utah, May 2...
4. Firelight (Granada, February 1992) 8:37 Firelight (Granada, February 1992)
5. Morning Light (Kham, October 2006) 5:12 Morning Light (Kham, October 2006)
6. The River: Writing in Water (India, N... 7:59 The River: Writing in Water (India, N...
7. Candlelight (Xiao Rem, February 2008) 9:37 Candlelight (Xiao Rem, February 2008)
8. Three Days Without You 6:49 Three Days Without You
9. Moonlight (Koeln, April 2007) 5:11 Moonlight (Koeln, April 2007)
10. Up Close: Embrace 5:37 Up Close: Embrace

Writing + Publishing

All music written by OL.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse


Producer: OL

Engineer: OL + Jon Gagan

Studio: Recorded in Santa Fe @ Oto-Mare between 2005 and 2008. Additional recording @ The Electric Company.

Mastering: OL @Oto-Mare

Mixed by: OL

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

OL - Guitars + Palmas
Jon Gagan - Electric Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Sound-Design + Hi-Hat
Davo Bryant - Cajon, Udo, Dumbek, Shakers + Shekere
Robby Rothschild - Djembe, Cajon + Calabash
Stephen Duros - Electric Guitar (3 + 6)
Matthew Schoening - Cello (4)

Dustin Brunson - Field Recordings in Kham, Tibet (2 + 7)
OL - Field Recording in Köln, Germany (9)

Photography: Luis Alvarez, OL (window)
Design: Michael Motley