Wide-eyed + Dreaming - LIVE

5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound DVD version of the live show filmed and recorded at the Jack Singer Hall in Calgary, Canada, during the Opium Tour 1996. With additional footage from Santa Fe.

Too much talking, if you ask me, and I don't like how the flow of the music gets interrupted by the interview. The musical performances are solid though and the groove is deep. Amazing, when I consider that three or four cameramen were distracting us by moving about the stage, which was lit much too bright for our taste (but that was necessary for the cameras). - ottmar

  • “Wide-eyed + Dreaming - LIVE”

    Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra

    Epic Records EVD 050146 (1998)

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1. Program Start
2. Lush
3. Butterfly + Juniper
4. Snakecharmer
5. Serenity On Ultracloud
6. Yasmeen
7. Bombay
8. Alegria Arabe
9. Duende del Amor
10. Barcelona Nights
11. End Credits
12. Total Running Time 58:10

Writing + Publishing

All music written by Ottmar Liebert.
Published by Sony ATV Songs/Luna Negra Music/BMI
Except for Barcelona Nights which is published by Higher Octave Music/Luna Negra Music/BMI


Producer: OL + Stefan Liebert 4 LNM

Studio: Sony Studios in New York

Mastering: Sony

Mixed by: Gary Lyons, John Alberts, Michael Brauer

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

OL - Flamenco Guitar, Midi-Guitar, Electric Guitar + Synthesizer
Jon Gagan - Fretless Electric Bass Guitar + Synthesizer
Carl Coletti - Drumkit
Ron Wagner - Tablas, Dumbek + Percussion

Directed by Jeb Brien
Produced by Jeb Brien + Monica Hardiman for Automatic Productions
Executive Producers: Al Masocco + Jodi Hurwitz