@RadioCleveKKG: Paradigm Shift

02016-09-05 @ 10:09

@RadioCleveKKG: Paradigm Shift | MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY
I don’t know the answer. I only know that their silence speaks volumes to me. The people who claim to love music and artists, yet continue to work in a field that denies artists fair compensation, are showing us whose side they are on: their own.

The entire letter is worth reading. Find it here.

A few radio performances

02012-09-20 @ 11:09

Two videos from the Insight Studio at Capital Radio in Sacramento. The first one was recorded last month, the other one last year:

Two videos from the Bing Lounge @ 101.9 KINK FM in Portland – from Summer 2011:

Petals On the Path

02010-05-20 @ 10:05

SPECIAL SHOW – The Best of Flamenco + Arabic Pop
For the last show of Flamenco + Arabic Pop on WYBC, I culled through the sixty shows which came before it for the best songs we’ve ever played, and the ones most representative of the Flamenco + Arabic Pop spirit. It wasn’t easy, turning over sixty hours into almost two and a half, but I’m happy with what resulted, and I think it leaves Flamenco + Arabic Pop on a good note. It also featured a world premiere of Backwards Firefly, a song from Ottmar Liebert’s upcoming album, Petals on the Path; thanks so much to Ottmar for allowing us that opportunity.

Matthew Schoening’s Looped Cellos

02009-07-01 @ 12:07

Echo Location: Matthew Schoening’s Looped Cellos « The Echoes Blog
Echoes finds a lapsed classical cellist who is looped.

You can hear the Echoes program here.

You can buy and download The Art of Live Looping in our Listening Lounge.

US musicians demand radio royalties

02009-07-01 @ 10:07

Make it happen!!

BBC NEWS | Americas | US musicians demand radio royalties
I bet you cannot guess the answer to this one.

In which countries – apart from the United States – do terrestrial radio stations NOT pay performers for their songs?

Iran, China, North Korea and Rwanda.

Artists and their record labels are calling on members of Congress to bring the US into line with the rest of the world – and with satellite, internet and cable radio stations – by passing the Performance Rights Act.

This doesn’t affect me much, since this regards payment for performers – composers have been getting paid all along. But it seems wrong to me that cable and web radio have been paying performers and old radio has not.

The World

02009-05-21 @ 21:05

Ottmar Liebert | PRI’s The World
The World’s Ken Bader tells us about a travelin’ man named Ottmar Liebert.

51st Grammys: Before

02009-02-08 @ 11:02

John Diliberto at Echoes discusses his Grammy picks for this year:

51st Grammys: Echoes at the Edges « The Echoes Blog
Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra: The Scent Of Light

That would leave Ottmar Liebert’s The Scent of Light as the winner. He pushed his Nouveau Flamenco sound by expanding his compositions into quietly epic tone poems that are cinematic in scope and contemplative in form. The Scent of Light was an Echoes CD of the Month and I think it should win and I suspect it will.

Journalism (and Radio and the Music Biz)

02009-01-27 @ 20:01

Discussion Piece: Why We Need a National Endowment for Journalism
So what’s the problem? Industry insiders blame the Internet for all of newspapers’ woes. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Here’s my basic take on what really happened: As control of papers and other news sources were consolidated and corporatized over the last decade, decision making was wrested away from editors and publishers who actually know and care about journalism, and into the hands of businessmen and boards of directors who brought the wisdom of the business world to newspapers… and promptly ran them into the ground.
(Via Worldchanging)

That’s exactly what happened to radio and the music biz. Record companies used to be owned and run by people who loved music, but once these companies became very successful they were bought by large corporations. Musicians and producers (e.g. Arif Mardin at Atlantic) gave way to the suits – business graduates, attorneys and CEOs. Owners gave way to presidents and CEOs who catered to stockholders and for whom it was most important to get the biggest four-year pay-off.

Suddenly, making a cool recording which then became an album and sold a ton of copies turned into maximizing profits and controlling the market.

Once radio stations became giant corporate entities, the accountants took over. After your company spent 115 million dollars on buying a radio station, you had to make sure the debt could be serviced… You couldn’t possibly trust the music director’s taste. You had to be sure. So you ordered research to help the music selection process. You found a company who sent employees to the mall with a stack of forms and a few CDs of music. They would ask people in the mall to listen to 20-30 seconds of any given song and to rate it on a scale… Meanwhile the Program Director jumped out of the window, maybe because he saw that radio had nothing to do with music anymore.

Something awful happened when record companies, radio stations and then newspapers became too corporate. I am all for making a profit, but should one start one’s day focused on profit? Shouldn’t we create music, broadcast music and print news because that’s what gets us excited and worked up?

I find there is a void, a gaping hole that cannot be replaced. A void where good DJs once played a meaningful set of music, combining songs I knew with strange and unfamiliar tunes – instead of merely reading the names of songs and artists, put together in advance by a computer program, from a screen. A void where people in the music business helped artists in their struggle for expression and where journalists were free to pursue news-items that might not be popular…

Maybe the void will get filled again, once these giant corporations go up in smoke.

The Show Must Go On

02008-10-02 @ 07:10

Thanks for the laugh Stevo.


02008-09-10 @ 14:09

Thomas Friedman’s Argument For ‘Geo-Greenism’ : NPR
Thomas Friedman is a man bent on revolution. In his new book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, the three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist writes about the need for a green revolution — and calls upon Americans to lead the charge.

Friedman argues that the U.S. can help revive itself at home and abroad by finding solutions to global warming.

Hot, Flat and Crowded – what a great title. Sums it all up, doesn’t it? Global warming, world-economy, and over-population. Brilliant interview, well more like a talk. Go and listen, it’s excellent.

Twitter / wmnf

02008-08-03 @ 11:08

Twitter / wmnf
Interesting use of Twitter. Community radio station WMNF in Tampa Bay, Florida, sends tweets announcing the name of each artist, album and song they play.

Going Wide-screen

02008-07-30 @ 09:07

The Scent of Light-Echoes August CD of the Month
The music on The Scent of Light builds slowly, each piece carving out a contemplative space until before you know it, the dynamic has completely changed. A centerpiece of the album is “Silence, No More Longing.” It’s an 11 minute excursion that builds from solo guitar, to multi-tracked guitars adding ambient electronics, bass, percussion, and finally unleashing a quiet electric storm from guitarist Stephen Duros.

John Diliberto takes a look at “Scent of Light” against my whole body of work.

You can read the whole piece here and listen to an audio version here. I love the ending of the audio-version!!

Wednesday in Seattle

02008-07-17 @ 07:07

Took a cab out to radio station KWJZ in Bellevue for an interview with Jay Phillips. Enjoyed chatting with Jay, and it was nice to see the “The Hours between Night + Day” poster in the station – one of my favorite albums.

After the first show at the Triple Door, Robby (who played a lot of percussion on “The Scent of Light” an was in Luna Negra in 2004) and his brother Char came backstage to say hello. They are in town to play at the Musiquarium tomorrow night.
Upstairs and Aquarium
Check out the announcement here. If you are going out Thursday evening I would encourage you to check them out as both are very fine musicians and great people. This week Seattle is getting a double-dose of Santa Fe music!

Monday in Santa Cruz

02008-06-30 @ 15:06

Not feeling well today. Caught some kind of bug, I think.
Blue in a Sea of Staples

At noon Stevo and I appeared at KUSP, the local radio station. Played four songs live, and spoke with the nice host, who also gave away a “The Scent of Light” CD.
Covered Parking Meter
Sold Out

Monte Carlo Nights

02008-05-23 @ 03:05 : Monte Carlo Nights
Last night at the Blue Note I did an interview with Nick, the Nightfly between my sets. We met for the first time in 1994, I believe. He mentioned that next year his program will be twenty years old and I answered that I recorded “Nouveau Flamenco” twenty years ago next year… Time is like climbing a mountain. We take one little breathless step at a time, but at intervals we look back and are amazed at the view back down the valley… Twenty years – almost half of my life. A long time or not time at all… :)

The first set was recorded for broadcast.

I wish I’d speak Italian.

Tuesday Afternoon

02008-04-08 @ 20:04

In the afternoon I spent a couple of hours with John Diliberto of Echoes. He played me 12 tracks and recorded my reaction – similar to this show with Michael Brook. Most of the music I had not heard before. Some musicians I identified within a few seconds because of their unique sound, others I could not guess at all. I had John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, Keith Jarrett and Santana within moments although he played me pieces I had not heard before. I did not guess William Orbit, Al Di Meola or Jesse Cook. The only piece of music he played that I have at home was something from Brian Eno’s Another Day On Earth. The interview/blindfold test will run sometime in May – see Echoes for details.

Then I went for a walk and had a cubano at Brew Ha Ha.

PS: I just listened to the above-linked radio show with Michael Brook. Wonderful to hear something I would not have guessed – his enjoyment of a Missy Eliot track…

PPS: Link to all of Echoes’ Secret Source shows. In the evening I listened to the show with Mark Isham and ended up writing down a couple of albums I want to hear more of.

Musician’s Guide to the Pre-Concert Warm-Up

02008-02-16 @ 16:02

NPR Music: A Musician’s Guide to the Pre-Concert Warm-Up
Yo-Yo Ma plays music every morning and says he likes to ease into his relationship with his cello and his bow.

“When I make the first sound, I always want it to be a friendly sound,” he says. “You’re not gunning the motor; you’re trying to just ease it in and feel the lay of the land, because you’re about to enter into some kind of partnership.”

Thanks Y.

Tuesday, January 15th

02008-01-15 @ 10:01

I am multi-tasking this morning:
Listening to Jon being interviewed and playing some of his favorite records on KSFR 90.7FM
Watching the Gizmodo live-blog of the MacWorld Keynote
Doing the dishes.

KCHO 91.7 FM

02007-08-03 @ 22:08

KCHO 91.7 FM & KFPR 88.9 FM – Northstate Public Radio
A phone interview with me will be broadcast at 10PM on Sunday evening. Here is a direct link to the web broadcast page.


02007-06-20 @ 14:06

Wake up. Walk around. Find a bike shop and buy a dry Teflon lube for my electric guitar. The strat has a graphite nut and sometimes the strings stick a little to that nut and that creates an awful sound when I use the whammy. Reminds me of the sound of kicking an old spring reverb… When it happened last year Keith placed drops of lube on the nut, where each string runs over it, but it has worn off.

Afterwards I go to KRSH, Krush Radio – as in the crushing of grapes not the crushing sound of Heavy Metal. I play a couple of songs live and have a pleasant chat with the host. We used to call ’em DJs or Radio Jocks, but that seems like a long time ago and host might be better or maybe BOB?
Clever Radio Ad


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